Bitcoin for beginners - Webinar

Bitcoin for beginners - Webinar

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The Blockchain technology and its associated crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin, are undisputedly revolutionary instruments.

The term "Blockchain" is on everyone's lips, but few people have really understood the subject, especially those who are not familiar with theStay one step ahead of the masses by quickly and effectively acquiring the necessary basic knowledge of block chain technology.

Our webinars are hosted by Certified professionals held.

Target group:

After this webinar you will be informed about important basics and have the understanding of how to manage and store cryptocurrencies safely without having to give up personal interaction and the possibility to ask questions.


  • FIAT currencies - The differences between Bitcoin and the current monetary system
  • Bitcoin - The basics of the decentralised means of payment
  • Software-Wallets: Store & transfer Bitcoins securely
  • Decentralized infrastructure - Nodes, miners and their functions


The webinar will take place regularly, we will inform you about the dates and we can fix them with you.

All webinars are held exclusively in German.