Hodlr Disks Classic

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The new Hodlr, Seed-Storage compact! 

The 24 plates are firmly spent to permanently secure your recoverySeed . All parts are made of solid marine grade stainless steel.

Designed to keep your recovery words safe for the long term. Compatible with all BIP39 / SLIP39-Hardware-Wallets.

Almost indestructible

  • 100% marine grade stainless steel
  • Heat resistant up to 1350°C (2,460 °F)
    Water and shock resistant
  • Water and shockproof

100% Offline

  • DIY Tool - without third party
  • Hack-proof
  • Without electronic parts

Simple setup

  • Ready for BIP39 / SLIP39 
  • 24 rotatable discs for fast reading 
  • Pre engraved letters 

Special Features

  • Backup Identification possibility
  • Special recovery procedure possible
  • Magnet on the underside

Compact and easy to hide

  • Weight 520g
  • Diameter 61mm
  • Height 27mm

Maximum safety

  • Tamperproof locking system
  • Optimized for secure release
  • Recovery Schema Sheets included


1 x Hodlr Set 

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