Backup Pack: Nano S Plus + Nano X
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As an official reseller for Ledger Wallets in Switzerland, you will only receive original goods from us. By shipping within Switzerland no customs fees of up to CHF 25.- will be charged.

Use the Nano X on the road and keep the Nano S Plus for use at home - or as a Backup device. 

Product description

Both Ledger

More memory - to install over 100 apps simultaneously and manage over 5500 digital currencies

Buy, sell, trade and increase cryptos, protect NFTs as well as use DeFi apps and more - in our Ledger live app

Send and receive NFTs reliably and transparently - in Ledger Live

Protect your data from even the most sophisticated attacks thanks to the certified CC EAL5+ security chips on the Nano X and CC EAL6+ on the Nano S Plus.

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and has a large screen for ease of use

Ledger Live - All in One ecosystem for your cryptocurrencies

With Ledger Live you can manage everything directly from your desktop:

Buy over 50 coins and tokens, exchange within seconds, transfer and receive coins to other Wallets or platforms. Check prices, charts and market capitalizations of cryptocurrencies in real time.

Connect to dApps like 1inch or Lido and participate in Web 3.0! You can also use approved third-party Wallets to manage the coins or tokens that are not yet supported by Ledger Live. Services related to buying, exchanging, lending, developing and selling transactions are provided by external partners.

Ledger does not offer advice or recommendations on the use of these third-party services.

Ledger does not offer advice or recommendations on the use of these third-party services.

Manage your NFTs

With Ledger Live you can visualise, send and receive your Ethereum NFTs. Your assets remain protected and under your complete control - thanks to your nano device. Whether coins, tokens or NFTs: all your digital assets are now stored centrally.

Scope of delivery

  • Ledger Nano S Plus
  • Ledger Nano X

 Delivery time: 1-3 days

What is a Hardware-Wallet?

1. why a Hardware-Wallet? When you own cryptocurrencies, you actually own a private key with which you can access your coins. You must keep this key absolutely safe.

2. what is a Hardware-Wallet? Hardware-Wallets store access to your private key (and thus to the cryptocurrencies) offline, which means hackers cannot get at it - even if your device is connected to your computer.

3. to what extent are your cryptos more secure with Ledger ? Ownership" of cryptocurrencies is not about where the coins are stored, but about access control. With Ledger , no one (not even us) can access your coins except you.

4. Industry-leading security. Nanos are the only Hardware-Wallets to combine independent third-party certification (ANSSI) with a proprietary operating system (BOLOS).




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